We all struggle with folding clothes correctly at some point, but folding our shit shirts and shorts together needn’t be the daunting task it seems. Let’s get you folding like a professional.

Starting with the shirt, button it up, and lay it out on its back. Use the buttons as the centre line to ensure you’re being symmetrical. Pinching both sleeves, cross them over each other and fold the shirt in half. Next up, rotate the shirt 90 degrees, and then fold it in half from left to right. You should be left with a neat, compact and folded shirt.

The shorts are simple as they only require one fold. You start by pinching the left side of the shorts and gently folding it over until it touches the right side. This should give you a nice, neat pair of shorts. After this, place them neatly on top of the shirt and boom! Your audacious shit shirt and shorts are folded, ready to be worn at the next beach party.