Let’s get straight to the point; we want you to design the world’s shittiest shirt.

The prize? A whole year’s supply of shit shirts and a spot for your creation in our 2023/24 collection (of course, we’ll make sure to send you one). Sounds like a brilliant trade-off to us!

So, are you a shit shirt enthusiast? A shit-hot print designer? Was the last thing you designed a primary school art project? Great. Show us your worst. Literally.

All you’ve got to do is send your design (in any digital format) to info@shitshirt.club, or upload it to socials and tag us.

The submission deadline is the 31st of December 2022, so what are you waiting for?

Get your shit together, roll up your sleeves, and start designing!

Shit Shirt Competition

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How does the monthly shirt club work? It’s simple.

  • Tell us how frequenty you’d like a shit shirt by selecting your package.

  • Sign up to a monthly subscription and receive an extra shit shirt for free.
  • We love our club members. Tag us in an Instagram post of you rocking your shit shirt, and receive a penny off your next box for every like!

  • You’re in control. Any time you want, you can change or cancel your package. See? Simple.

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Handpicked by our designers for true shit shirt lovers, our shirt subscription boxes are the shit. Join our monthly shirt subscription box and get a free shit shirt, and cancel anytime. Sound good? We thought so.

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Wear a shit shirt and raise awareness for mental health

We’ve designed our shit shirt range and events with important issues in mind, aiming to raise awareness of, and move past the stigmas surrounding mental health by raising confidence and building a community.

By embracing the wackiness of shit shirts, whether simply wearing a shirt at home, or taking part in a shit shirt events with friends, family, or even total strangers you’ll help us build a strong community of acceptance and confidence. Together, we’ll break down barriers surrounding low self-esteem, self-consciousness, and mental health, taking important steps towards creating a better headspace for all.