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Hello, wacky co-ord wearer!

Feeling brave? Who doesn’t want to make a statement with an outrageous men’s co-ord set!? Our stunning shirt and shorts co-ords are guaranteed to make you stand out in any public setting, especially at parties and festivals. From wacky Aztec designs to audacious sunflower prints, we have a pair of matching tops and bottoms for you!

Order a summer co-ord from the shit shirt and shorts range, or better yet, join the Shit Shirt Club and receive a wide selection of our favourites on a recurring basis at 20% off the retail price- with the ability to cancel at any time! And guess what? You’ll even get a free shirt at sign-up.

In a rush, or after a one-time purchase? Discover our wide range of men’s co-ord sets, available for individual purchase and delivery to anywhere, at any time!

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Wear wacky co-ords to raise awareness for mental health

We’ve designed both our wacky co-ord range and our events with important issues in mind. Shit Shirt Club aims to raise awareness of, and move past the stigmas surrounding mental health by raising confidence and building a community.

By embracing the wackiness of loud co-ords, whether by simply wearing an outrageous combo at home, or taking part in shit shirt events with friends, family, or even total strangers, you’ll help us build a strong community of acceptance and confidence. Together, we’ll break down the barriers surrounding low self-esteem, self-consciousness, and mental health, taking important steps towards creating a better headspace for all.

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Join the club and receive a handpicked selection of wacky shirts tailored to your excellent taste on a recurring basis – with the ability to cancel anytime. You’ll even get a free loud shirt on sign-up!

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Shit Co-ord Sets for Men FAQs

How do you mix patterns like a pro?2021-09-02T10:59:50+01:00

Here at Shit Shirt Club, we take care of any worries you have about matching patterns by pre-selecting the designs and matching our shirt and short co-ords on your behalf! Why do any of the legwork?

However, if you are keen on mixing and matching patterns, then there is a way to do it. A vital tip to mix and match like a pro is to keep your fabrics in the same colour family, and also to pair with two types of the style print. A floral shirt with sunflower shorts sounds stylish to me! This would follow the same colour scheme, and leave you looking like a stylish pro. There are many other examples of this, so go out there and find what suits you! You’ll be out and about in your mixed patterns looking like an absolute pro before you know it!

Shit Shirt Club is always here to help with pattern choices. When it comes to inspiration for your shirts and shorts, why not go and browse our awesome range?

Are matching patterned shirts and shorts fashionable?2021-09-02T10:55:47+01:00

Of course, they are! Would you be contemplating buying a matching co-ord if you didn’t think they were fashionable? Matching shirts and shorts make for a sleek, statement-punching look. Gone are the days of wondering what to wear with that whacky, floral shirt. Just grab a matching pair of shorts, go out and impress everyone you see!

In recent years, matching patterned clothing has been on the rise, mostly thanks to the stylistic co-ord sets that everyone rocks in the summer. More than ever, people are taking different types of fabrics and styles, and doing all sorts of crazy things with them. From zebra print mixed with Aztec to Hawaiian and Thai, people are taking their styles to the next level, and it’s no different for shirts and shorts.

Shit Shirt Club knows you will be in fashion when buying one of our fantastic shirt and shorts combos!

Where does the Hawaiian shirt and shorts style come from?2021-09-02T10:44:18+01:00

The Hawaiian shirt has always been a hugely popular design amongst beach-lovers and party-goers. Otherwise known as the Aloha shirt, this design has been around since roughly the 1930s, and of course, originated in Hawaii. A Hawaiian shirt is a perfect reflection of this tropical paradise!

When it comes to Hawaiian co-ords, these have only recently become a popular trend. With people loving the audacious designs of the Hawaiian print, it was inevitable that people would mix this into the world of shorts. Due to their matching patterns and beautiful designs, Hawaiian shirt and shorts have become a staple in the fashion world, and have even begun to match the simple Hawaiian shirt in popularity.

Frankly, we’re surprised it’s taken this long!

How do you fold shorts and shirts together?2021-09-02T10:39:39+01:00

We all struggle with folding clothes correctly at some point, but folding our shit shirts and shorts together needn’t be the daunting task it seems. Let’s get you folding like a professional.

Starting with the shirt, button it up, and lay it out on its back. Use the buttons as the centre line to ensure you’re being symmetrical. Pinching both sleeves, cross them over each other and fold the shirt in half. Next up, rotate the shirt 90 degrees, and then fold it in half from left to right. You should be left with a neat, compact and folded shirt.

The shorts are simple as they only require one fold. You start by pinching the left side of the shorts and gently folding it over until it touches the right side. This should give you a nice, neat pair of shorts. After this, place them neatly on top of the shirt and boom! Your audacious shit shirt and shorts are folded, ready to be worn at the next beach party.

Where can I buy co ords clothing?2021-08-27T12:51:24+01:00

The answer to this question is, of course right here at shit shirt club! We have co-ords for every season, every event and every style. The casual style of co-ords is perfect for everyone looking for an easy upgrade to their wardrobe.

Our audacious range of shirt and shorts come in many colours and designs and are guaranteed to make you only want to shop here. From Hawaiian to floral, colourful to black and white, our shit shirt and shorts collection has something for everyone. There is nowhere better to buy co-ords.

Whilst Shit Shirt Club is the place to buy fantastic, outrageous co-ords, there are many other brilliant retailers with a keen eye for fashion; each one selling different and unique co-ord designs. A word of warning though, you might fit in!

How do you style a shirt and shorts?2021-09-02T10:35:43+01:00

When you’re styling your shirt and shorts together to form a look, it is important to make it sleek! One golden rule to follow above all else is simply to make sure that you are pairing your shorts with a short-sleeved shirt. With this part down, style your combo further by ensuring your shirt is not tucked in, and to add an additional, devil-may-care note, try keeping your shirt unbuttoned.

In terms of patterns to choose from to create your look, we recommend choosing whatever designs suit you! Everyone is different, and everyone can rock our designs.

If you want your shirt and shorts to pop, it is essential to have a few accessories to go with them. You can never go wrong with jewellery; a subtle necklace can really help to accentuate the co-ord look. Something as small as a bracelet can help bring some additional textures too.

When thinking about what footwear goes best with our co-ords, keep it simple with a pair of white trainers. White trainers go with everything due to their blank canvas appearance, so optic sports trainers or white canvas shoes will be your best friend!

What is a shit shirt and shorts?2021-09-02T09:58:25+01:00

A shit shirt and shorts is simply a matching set of shorts and a shirt, usually with an outstanding, wacky design or pattern. They can be whatever design you want them to be, such as a colourful Hawaiian design, or a bold Aztec style.

We enjoy the simple things in life, and finding the right style of shirts and shorts for you is one of them. We offer many different styles that cater to all exquisite tastes! Shit shirts and shorts have it all. Whether you want to look outrageous, or subtle, our co-ords are the perfect attire for a shit shirt and shorts night.

In our opinion, the best part is that shit shirts and shorts are designed for both your upper half and lower half! Your whole outfit can be floral or wacky, it is up to you. 100% shit, guaranteed.

What are co-ords?2021-09-02T09:53:34+01:00

A co-ord is simply defined as two pieces of clothing that are sold together and match in texture and design. Co-ords are the most famous way to rock a matching combo. The ’90s were the boom period for the co-ord and were often referred to as ‘twin sets’ and ‘Deux pieces’.

There are many different co-ord combinations possible. There are, for example, t-shirt and skirt combos, and hoodies and joggers. The most popular, however, and the Shit Shirt Club favourite is the shirt and shorts co-ord. Our range of shirts and shorts vary in style and size but will always leave you looking fresh.


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